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1. Name: amy
2. Age: 17
3. Location:uk
4. Contact Info:

5. Movies:anyhting
6. Shows: ..?
7. Bands:alot..mostly rock
8. Books: the color purple,to kill a mockingbird,Affinity
9. Actresses/Actors:gina gershon,angelina J,kate moenigg,sarah shahi,johnny depp,johnny vegas

More About You
10. Life Ambitions: not sure
11. What things could you not live without?: my mates,family,my fone
12. What does your world revolve around?: school,work,friends and shopping
13. Relationship status: single and luvin it
14. Yourself in 5 words. Be creative: wierd,creative,crude,wicked,childish
15. It's every girls favorite candy: what is? lol

Your Stand On..
16. Our president, George W. Bush: Yuck hes not mine.Tony Blair we got in the Uk.and as far as i know,hes an idiot but is under pressure aswell
17. Abortion: right before the baby begins to actually develop,before 15-20 weeks.
18. Suicide: you control your life
19. Religion: Something is there..but who says its god?
20. The War in Iraq: I dont know much about why it happened..but..greatest happiness for the greatest number

If we were to search your room, what would be the one thing you wouldn't want us to find?: my poems
Please tell us where you heard of us?: on Lj community
What makes you a Pretty Grrrl?: everything!
Promote us to 2 communities and post the links here for proof: man its too complicated it means having to redo this survey

Now let us see you!
You must be smiling in at least 1 photograph.
There also needs to be at least 1 clear photograph of your face.
No less than 2, no more than 5.

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