Caitlin (jangalain) wrote in pretty_grrrlz,

Am I a Pretty Grrrl?

1. Name: Caitlin Kettle
2. Age: 16
3. Location: Portland, Oregon
4. Contact Info:
MSN: none
AIM: jangalain
Yahoo: none
Other: none

5. Movies: Um... I loved the Shawshank Redemption, but really I like any movie as long as its good... My current favorites are Serenity and RENT
6. Shows: I don't watch TV all that often, so I don't really have a favorite show
7. Bands: Ooh, System of a Down, Shinedown, Aiko, Greenday, and others that I can't think of right now ^^;;
8. Books: The Realm of Possibility, Boy Meets Boy, Memoirs of a Geisha, Brave New World and Marly's Ghost are the current favorites
9. Actresses/Actors: I don't really have one, seeing as I'm not good with actors and actresses names, I usually remember the movie, not the people who played in it.

More About You
10. Life Ambitions: I want to become a best selling author, but just getting published is good enough for me right now
11. What things could you not live without?: Music, my two best friends, and my kittycat ^^
12. What does your world revolve around?: I'd say my friends, I know it sounds corny but it's the truth, I wouldn't be anything that I am today without my friends, and I doubt I could go very far in this world alone.
13. Relationship status: Single
14. Yourself in 5 words. Be creative: Outgoing, companionable, demonstrative, creative, expressive
15. It's every girls favorite candy: I *love* lollipops.

Your Stand On..
16. Our president, George W. Bush: He's an idiot as a president, but I'm sure he's a very... interesting person in real life... >.>
17. Abortion: It should be legal
18. Suicide: Its wrong, but everybody has been through the feeling at least once. It's not wrong to feel suicidal, it's wrong to act on the feelings
19. Religion: I don't have a particular religion, so I can't really say I have an opinion on it. My step mother is a spiritual phycologist so... I've learned a lot from her since she married my father ^^;; lets just say nothing is as it appears to be.
20. The War in Iraq: It's pointless.

If we were to search your room, what would be the one thing you wouldn't want us to find?: underwear drawer...
Please tell us where you heard of us?: The community femmelesbians
What makes you a Pretty Grrrl?: Um... hmm... my looks, I'm a very... feminine looking person >.> I'm not really feminine but I wear fairly feminine clothes. I'm pretty ^^;;
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Now let us see you!
You must be smiling in at least 1 photograph.
There also needs to be at least 1 clear photograph of your face.
No less than 2, no more than 5.

Image hosted by I like this picture ^^;; no idea why...
Image hosted by This is a cool picture too, I think so anyway
Image hosted by Yeah... I think you can see a little too far down my shirt if you ask me >.> sorry 'bout that...

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