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Am I a Pretty Grrrl?"

1. Name: Danielle...But most people call me "Gers"'s a play on my last name.
2. Age: 16
3. Location: Long Island New York
4. Contact Info:
MSN: ----
AIM: GersPers
Yahoo: DanielleGerson

5. Movies: Spaceballs, Forrest Gump, Notting Hill, Serendipity, That thing you do!, Oceans 11, American Beauty, A League of Their own, School of Rock, Office Space, Kate and Leopold
6. Shows: The Daily Show,Real Time with Bill Maher, Family Guy, True Life, The L Word, Curb your enthusiasm, The Sopranos, Weeds, Friends
7. Bands: O.A.R., Dave Matthews Band, Panic! at the disco, Dispatch, John Mayer, Dropkick Murphy's, Against me!, latterman, Rancid, Phantom Planet, Green Day, Say Anything, Streetlight Manifest, The academy is.
8. Books: The Incident of the Curious Dog in the Night, Stupid White Men, The Truth With jokes, 1984, Famous Pictures of Naked People, New Rule (Bill Maher), Tuesdays with Morrie, The Perks of being a wallflower (typical eh? hah), Prozac Nation.
9. Actresses/Actors: Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Jude Law.

More About You
10. Life Ambitions: Well my first goal in life is to have a stable rleationsip and fall in love with a girl and spend my life with them, which I think goes for a lot of people...basically every action and goal I do essentially is based on that goal. Another goal of mine is to become a lawyer. I'm pretty sure I want to get involved in Corporate Law, if not that I.P. law or tax law. I just want to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle and not have to worry about money. But again, essentialy my life ambition is to fall in love and spend my life with the girl I fall in love with.
11. What things could you not live without?: Chapstick, My hair straigtener, My friends, My Girlfriend (my babyyy), my brother, My iPod, Sushi, My Guitar, The Red Sox.
12. What does your world revolve around?: Essentially (sorry if that word becomes repetative) my life revolves around my girfriend Sally, she is amazing and i'm completely in love with her..true love. In essence i almost wish i didn't meet her this early in my life because it makes our chances of spending our lives with eachtoher slimmer but if I had a choice I would marry the girl now. Second of course my world revolves around School only because i know how important it is and I want to take advantage of all the oppurtunities I have...i'm pretty ambitious when it comes to my education ( I just take it very seriously because I think it is a serious subject. My life also revolves around Music...I play the cello, sing, and play guitar...lets just say a lot of my time is spent analyzing inversions on the guitar neck while some might say that it is boring, I say, it is the most interesting thing in world...i'm very interested in Music Theory. My life also revolves around Politics...I get pretty into it, I think it is important to stay well read and "in the know"...and well, i just find it interesting, I mean it is something that directly influences my life...I should know whats going on. My life also revolves around my friends...I have the best in the world, their amazing and I wouldn't trade them for the world...and finally i'm a pretty intense tennis player/ golfer...there is nothing better then spending the day doing either of those.
13. Relationship status: Taken and completely in love.
14. Yourself in 5 words. Be creative: Opinionated, Sarcastic, Witty, Smart, Passionate
15. It's every girls favorite candy: I *Love* Lollipops

Your Stand On..
16. Our president, George W. Bush: Okay, first for all the Liberals who only say " bush is a complete idiot " I would have to say you're completely wrong...Bush is a genius..he was able to convince millions of people that it was necessary to invade a country that had no threat to the U.S. and he was able to manipulate millions of people that somehow...Iraq...was Afghantian, and Iraq was Al Queda and that we were ALL going to die, unless we went into Iraq and killed our twenty year olds ALL at the same I would have to say, Bush is a genious...he is a complete Evil, Racist, Pig of a genius and is the most dangerous threat to our country, but a genius non the less. (can you tell i'm bitter? )
17. Abortion: Pro Choice...enough said, I personally would not get an aborotion, but I believe that women have the choice to.
18. Suicide: I personally think it is selfish, it's a horrible depressing thing that is occuring today, but I think it's selfish.
19. Religion: Organized Religion when taken to the extreme can be extremely dangerous when people take it out of hand, but the basis of Religion promotes good things...its when crazy people (cough cough george bush) take it out of hand and make it a bad thing.
20. The War in Iraq: Uhm...I think you can refer to question 16 on that one. ;-)

If we were to search your room, what would be the one thing you wouldn't want us to find?: hmm thats a good one...probably all of my political books and articles because it shows how much of a dork I am lol.
Please tell us where you heard of us?: Femmelesbians
What makes you a Pretty Grrrl?: I'm Smart, I have opinions and I can back them, I always mean well, and i'm open to any kind of person....and i'm totally awesome ;-)
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