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1. Name: Chelsea or Cracka...cause im just about as white as you can get..
2. Age: 15, but i dont feel that young honestly..
3. Location: Austin TX!!!!! yeaya!! heh.
4. Contact Info:
Email: sterio_types_suck@yahoo.com
MSN: n/a
AIM: n/a
Yahoo: sterio_types_suck
Other: my LJ?

5. Movies: Dogma, Office Space, But Im A Cheerleader, School Of Rock
6. Shows: Will and Grace, Friends re-runs...um..stargate atlantis..
7. Bands: oh gosh sooo many. Cafe Tacuba, Coldplay, Oasis, The Killers (ya i know..), Third Eye BLind, The Cranberries, Blue Sunrise, Dave
8. Books: Celectian Prophesy, A Clockwork Orange, Brave New World, ANTI:STORY
9. Actresses/Actors: hm...well. jessica alba, just because shes a goddess

More About You
10. Life Ambitions: to always stay true to myself, to find love in all its forms, to live the most creative life possible. and to own my own bakery in paris or NY making wedding cakes :D
11. What things could you not live without?: probablly the people i love. i mean i could say pen and a journal, music, or my cooking untensiles, but it all doesn't make up for the people i love. my family and friends. i mean, they've helped my through things i cant even begin to describe... (did i mention that i concider spatuals people too?)
12. What does your world revolve around?: see above!!! and cooking...i love cooking like you would not belive
13. Relationship status: single. and bored. meh.
14. Yourself in 5 words. Be creative: bright, moon, ocean, love, warmth, dance
15. It's every girls favorite candy: I *love* lollipops.

Your Stand On..
16. Our president, George W. Bush: well i give him kudos for fooling everyone for so long. but dammit! its hard to put into words...i just wanna..shake him. "What are you doing!?!?!?!?!"
17. Abortion: for it. i wouldn't be here if it was illigal. i as hell aint lettin the goverment tell me what i can and cannot do with my body. i mean, what the hell are they thinking?!?
18. Suicide: as a niave 15 yearold, i cant say i havn't been faced with this kinda stuff before. but i think its sad. i wish i could give every suicidal person out there a hug and a piece of cake. its sad, but i can see the neccesity for it sometimes.
19. Religion: i havn't found god yet, or whatever is controling the magical force thats stealing my socks. but i think something is out there. but i think, personally, humans are too dumb to be able to comtemplate the idea of a higher power.
20. The War in Iraq: ya. no. it was a horribel mistake. but i disagree with cindy sheehan and that crowd b/c i dont think that we should pull out immidiatly. we've screwed up that country so much, we need to fix it. but concidering they're on the verdge of civil way, im not sure what to do..

If we were to search your room, what would be the one thing you wouldn't want us to find?: hahaha...probablly the gross lunch box behind my chair that i threw behind there before my mom came into my room. im kinda scared to clean it out now..but other than that, nothing really. anything i have to hide is probablly locked away in the depths of my brain.
Please tell us where you heard of us?: random LJ surfing..
What makes you a Pretty Grrrl?: im compasionit (and i cant spell) and understanding of everything. and (apparently) i have a nice ass.
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Now let us see you!
You must be smiling in at least 1 photograph.
There also needs to be at least 1 clear photograph of your face.
No less than 2, no more than 5.


lol..the quality is horrible and they're all different sizes...but its what i got!

oh yes. that was a fun night..

hahaha. i love this picture cause its so out of character for me..
(i got the pictures to work!!! yay.)
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